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Nachdem der Quadrocopter fertiggestellt ist, geht es nun weiter mit einem neuen Projekt. Ich habe viel von einem FPV Tricopter gelesen und gesehen, was meine Neugier geweckt hat ! Urspr├╝nglich hatte ich geplant das mit dem gleichen KK-Board aus Hong Kong zu realisieren, da ich aber ein neues Low Budget Board gefunden habe ohne diese l├Ąstigen Piezo Gyros und Temperaturdrift Problemen werde ich dieses verwenden. N├Ąheres dazu wird es im Baubericht geben, den ihr sp├Ąter oben im Men├╝ anw├Ąhlen k├Ânnt┬┤.
Den Rahmen habe ich bereits grob aufgebaut und einen Teil der Elektronik habe ich schon liegen.

  • My 1st was the Hobbyking OSD System (Full Combo): Main Board, Power Module, USB/GPS/IR/TEMP Modules w/RemoteI had to buy it all separate.Hobbyking had all the parts in, but for some rosean were out of stock of the full combo.Seems they haven’t the sense to put all the separate parts together to make a combo lol.Anyway, I purchase everything except the Temp module.Not recommended for a 1st osd.Reason, once you finally get it all wired up, the GPS doesn’t work straight out of the box.You get the bars showing where it’s trying to lock on to the signal, but thats it.Displays well onscreen, so can’t fault that.The wiring diagram is totally confusing, black lead goes to the 1st pin on 1 lead, and then for some rosean black lead goes to last pin, (facing left to right.)In order to get the gps working, you then need the usb module (had I not ordered it at the same time, would of been another week or two to fix it.)Can’t fault the flashing process though worked flawlessy, although I’ve read reports something failed and killed their unit. (not good)So, you then flash the unit, plug it all in and voila the gps works well.You can insert a microSD card and it will record the fly data. (Can’t tell you how well it does, because I never got around to testing that function.)BUT, after flashing the unit and getting the gps working, another bug creeps in.The Amp draw reading then fails big time.Without any throttle at all, the Amp reading states its pulling 50A ?If I remember even after applying some throttle it still reads 50A, so then that becomes absolutely useless.Bearing in mind, this was installed in/on a HK Bixler, and to be fair the room is fairly limited, this just add to a whole heap of wires, and no space.Once you land, you then have to remove every unit to get the battery out, charge / replace lipo, then cram it all back inside.Imho, there are osd that do exactly the same but with a lot less weight, and separate units.To me the added weight of this osd, coupled with the amount of extra seperate components, and bugs, far exceeds it’s worth.For a basic osd, I’ve heard the suppo osd is fine.I’ve now purchased my next osd Cyclops nova osd with RTH / Autopilot.Once this arrives, I’ll leave a review.